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Music Lessons

At Keen School of Music, we pride ourselves on offering personalized music lessons tailored to each student's needs and interests. Our customized curriculum ensures that every student receives individual attention and guidance, whether they're beginners or seasoned musicians. With our experienced instructors, students can explore various musical styles and techniques, fostering a deep appreciation for music while honing their skills. Join us at Keen School of Music and embark on a musical journey that's uniquely yours.

Music Lessons We Offer


There's no contract with our lessons! The lessons can be scheduled at YOUR convenience around YOUR schedule! The packages can be split amongst siblings as well!

  • ONE 30min lesson is $40

  • A block of FOUR 30min lessons it $140

  • A block of TEN 30min lessons is $300

Book of Chords

To schedule lessons, you book online, call, or email!

Background Checks

All employees of Keen School of Music undergo a background check through the state of Tennessee to ensure the safety of our students.

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