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Ukulele Class

Learn how to play ukulele with friends!

Looking to enrich your homeschool curriculum with music? Sign up to our homeschool ukulele class! 

Learn the Ukulele: From holding the instrument to strumming chords and picking melodies, our teacher will guide students through every step of their ukulele adventure.


Play Together: Experience the joy of making music with friends! Our class fosters collaboration and teamwork, creating a sense of community among young musicians.


Build Confidence: Through interactive lessons and group activities, students will gain confidence in their musical abilities and develop essential skills like rhythm, coordination, and creativity.


Have Fun: With upbeat songs, games, and laughter, learning the ukulele has never been more fun!

NO UKULELE REQUIRED! We provide the ukuleles!

Class is designed for students between 7 & 12 years old

Cost $80

Adam Showing A Student How to Play Ukuele

Homeschool Ukulele Class

Homeschool Ukulele Class


June 4th-June 25th


Tuesdays at 11AM-12PM

4 week program

Keen School of Music


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Homeschool Ukulele Class?

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615 682 4939


424 E Main Street

Gallatin, TN


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